Alumni Art Show-Iowa State University

1980 Best Drawing Award “Snow Train”
1981 Best Drawing Award “Terminal”
1983 Best Drawing Award “Wheels I”
1984 Juror’s Merit Award “Frozen Dessert” “Turntable”
1985 “Steam”
1986 “Wheels II” “Kirsten’s Train”
1987 Juror’s Merit Award “Red Caboose” “Switchyard”
1988 “Door”
1989 “Streamline” “California Zephyr”
1990 Juror’s Merit Award “Departure” “Montana” “#201”
1991 Artist Award “Maple River Junction”

The Alumni Show ended in 1991

Clay and Paper Show-
Octagon Center for the Arts

1984 “Frozen Dessert” “Untitled”
1985 “White Flag Extra”
1986 Best Drawing Award “Wheels II”
1989 “Streamline” “Door”
1999 Honorable Mention “Last of May” “The Path” “By Dawn’s Early Light”

Greater Des Moines Exhibited-Polk County Heritage

1995 “River Valley” “210 East”
1996 “261” “Little House”
1997 “At the Summit” “Barn”
1998 Merit Award “Last Day of May” “The Bocce Game”
1999 “Division Street” “After the Storm” “Assault on Radnor Hill”
2000 “Grand River Valley” “Milwaukee Road Station” (Photo)
2001 “First Light”
2002 “September 10th”
2003 “Sky” “Glass” (Photos)
2004 “Locomotive” (B&W Photo)

Mid America Juried Art Educators Art Exhibition

1989 “Departure” “Steam”
1991 “Maple River Junction”
1995 Juror’s Award “Skunk River Valley” “Sentinel” “Thunder and Steam”
1999 Merit Award “The Way” “Radiance” (Photos)

Solo Shows:

Iowa State University Memorial Union 1982
Iowa State University Memorial Union 1991
Mary Greeley Medical Center December 2001-February 2002
Mary Greeley Medical Center June-July 2007
Scottish Rite Park July-August 2000
Grand View College October 2000
Iowa State University Pioneer Gallery May 12-July 21, 2001
Iowa State University Howe Hall 2001-2002
Northcrest Retirement Village August 1-September 30, 2001
Green Hills October-November 2001
Grand View College October 2002
William Penn University March-April 2002

Metro Arts Alliance City of Des Moines Performance Report Competition

2006 Performance Report
2007 Performance Report

“The Iowa Collection”-A joint project of the Iowa Department of Economic Development and the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs Division

1997 “Steam” “The Forty Niner” “State Fair”

Iowa State Fair

1981 “Snow Train” “Frozen Dessert”
1984 “Turntable”
1985 “Steam”
1986 “Wheels” “Kirsten’s Train”
1987 “Getting Out of Town”
1988 Judge’s Merit Award “Streamline” “Conductor”
1990 “Through the Woods” “Departure”
1991 “Maple River Junction”
1992 “Fire and Ice” “Santa Anna Canyon”
1993 “Black Diamonds”
1994 “Thunder and Steam” “Hoppers”
1995 “July” “Roundhouse”
1996 “Locomotive” “Wheels III”
1997 “At the Summit” “261”
1998 Merit Award “Into the Unknown” “By Dawn’s Early Light”
1999 Merit Award “To the Pasture” “Division Street”
2000 “Morning Departure” “After the Storm”
2001 Merit Award “Hoppers” Honorable Mention “Church Road”
2002 Best of Show “White Barn” “Heavy Metal”
2003 Honorable Mention “House on a Hill” “September 10th”
2004 “Union Pacific” “Steel Wheels”
2005 Runner-up Best of Show “June Morning” First Place-Drawing “Road to Mingo”
2006 Merit Award “Big Red” “Chichaqua”
2007 First Place “Driving Wheels” “Lane”

Des Moines Women’s Club

1988 Honorable Mention “10:30 A.M.” “Conductor”
1990 “Still Life in Steam” “Railyard”
1991 Second Place “Through the Woods” “Departure”
1992 “Mainline” “Santa Anna Canyon”
1994 “Black Diamonds” “Into the Twilight”
1995 First Place “Thunder and Steam” “Mainline”
1996 First Place “Wheels III” “August”
1997 “Locomotive” “The Forty Niner”
1998 First Place “Snow, Steam, and Speed” “In Dawn’s Early Light”
1999 First Place “Christmas Eve Orders” The Bocce Game”
2000 First Place “Challenger Challenge” Honorable Mention “After the Storm”
2001 “Walnut Creek Prairie” “Crossroads”
2002 First Place “Heavy Metal” “Crossroads-3”
2003 “Steel Wheels”
2004 “Rural Geometrics” “Night Train”
2005 “House on a Hill” “Rexall”
2006 “December Dawn” “Red Barn”
2007 “June Morning” Honorable Mention “Lane Near Mingo”
2008 “Driving Wheels” “Locomotive”

Outlet Invitational Art Exhibition-Iowa State Memorial Union

1991 “Streamline” “Through the Woods”

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Photography Exhibition 2004

One of twenty photographers from the state chosen to participate.

Iowa Exhibited-Polk County Heritage Exhibit

1986 “Kirsten’s Train”
1987 “Red Caboose”
1988 “Conductor” “Switchyard”
1989 Best in Photography “Country” “Harvest”
1990 Best in Photography “North Western” “Arthur Avenue” “Through the Woods”
1991 “Maple River Junction”
1992 “Doorway”
1995 Honorable Mention “Wheels” “Mainline”
1996 “Locomotive” “Hoppers”
1997 Honorable Mention “Moonlight Serenade” and “Arcadia”
1998 Honorable Mention “By Dawn’s Early Light”
1999 Merit Award “To the Pasture” “Two Lane Blacktop”
2000 “Division Street” “Morning Departure”
2001 “Power Plant” “Iris” (Photos)
2002 Honorable Mention “Crossroads” “Lane Near Mingo”
2003 “Honorable Mention “Steel Wheels” “Extra 3985 West”
2004 “December Dawn”
2006 “Morning Train” “Yardmaster” “Hail to the Chief”

Heritage Gallery Invitational-Polk County Heritage

1990 “Steam” “Wheels” “Symmetry” “Through the Woods” “Departure”
1991 “Country” “Grandad’s Hat” “Cosmic Chair” “Gears” “North
Western” “Arthur Avenue” (Photos)
1998 “Radiance” “The Way” “Cottonwood” “Skunk River Valley” (Photos)
1999 “After the Storm” “Assault on Radnor Hill” “Division Street”

Iowa Artists-Des Moines Art Center

1989 “Streamline” “Steam”
1992 “Departure”
1999 Special Recognition-Photography “Steam” “Black Diamonds”
“First Light” “Plasticville Junction” “Commute Home”
2006 “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” “Man with a Cane” “Wrong Side of the Tracks”
“Main Street” “Early Morning at Pete’s Frosty” “Plasticville Union Station”
“Mayor Crown Rudolf & First Lady Nancy” “Woodland Street Yard” “Dan’s
Truck Stop”

Ames High Alumni Exhibit-Octagon Center for the Arts

1991 “Steam” “Departure”

1991 Iowa Art Teachers Exhibition-University of Iowa Memorial Union

1991 ”Maple River Junction” “#201”

National Railroad Symposium Penn State University 2005

“Thunder and Steam” “Departure”

The Community of Artists Exhibition-Octagon Center for the Arts

1995 “Wheels III” “Departure”
1999 Merit Award “Last of May” “By Dawn’s Early Light” “The Path”

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