December Dawn
One of Grand Trunk Western’s massive 4-8-4 Northerns rests between runs. 6325 was one of thirty-seven 6300’s pulling fast, dependable freight and passenger trains from 1929 to the mid-1950’s on the Grand Trunk Western Railroad. This handsome 4-8-4 belongs to the class of U-3-b’s built by Alco in 1942. These dual service locomotives were the last new steam power assigned to the GTW. The U-3-b class was right at home with GTW’s road profile and characteristics running almost one-quarter of a million miles between heavy repairs. 6325 could easily handle sixteen car passenger and fast freights with equal ease on the Chicago Division. The 6325’s forte was heavy passenger and fast freight service. All U-3-bs were known as good steamers and were liked by all engine crews. On the Grand Trunk Western, the U-3-b was the ultimate in modern steam.
            © Stewart S. Buck