City of Denver
Flashing by at nearly 100 miles an hour, the City of Denver blazes across the flatness of eastern Colorado, leaving a blizzard of snow in its speedy wake. When the City of Denver was inaugurated in June of 1936, it was not only the fastest train on the Union Pacific, it was the fastest long distance passenger train in the United States. Covering the 1048 miles between Chicago and Denver in 16 hours, including eight stops, the City of Denver had an average speed of 65.4 miles per hour. For the 360 miles between Denver and Omaha, it was the fastest train in the world, averaging an amazing 75 miles per hour. The train will race into the night crossing Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois, before reaching the bumper posts at the Chicago and North Western’s terminal in the Windy City the next morning.
            © Stewart S. Buck